Adding Turf in the Weight Room, From Start To Finish

Here is Pt. II of our video series with Wayzata HS Head Strength Coach Ryan Johnson. In our first video here, we covered their new weight room and the how and why behind it’s design and function. Today, we’re digging deeper into The Wayzata Strength Program’s application of turf in the weight room.  In the video, Ryan addresses the following:

  1. The added versatility provided by turf in the weight roomTurf in the Weight Room
  2. How specifically has the turf altered the way their athletes can train
  3. An average day of classes and after school training using the turf
  4. How they trained specific movement-patterns and exercises prior to the turf addition
  5. Working with administration to approve a turf installation
  6. What advice he’d give to coaches interested in adding turf to their weight room
  7. Has the new facility design changed the way student-athletes view their weight room

If you’re interested in adding turf to a new or existing facility this video is a must-watch.  Ryan’s account gives coaches the tools they need to successfully plan a turf addition from the initial planning stages, convincing administration and architects, to programming.