If you’re looking to help your clients/athletes develop speed a great assessment to use to establish a programming baseline is the Standing Long Jump Test.

The Standing Long Jump (also called the Broad Jump) test measures lower-body horizontal explosiveness and/or power. For this test you would usually have to lay down tape in your facility and use an additional measuring tape to mark off distance as the athlete does 3 – 5 jumps in the test. The force produced in a long jump has been shown to more closely correlate to sprint speed than vertical jump testing. That’s where this amazing BroadPro Jump Mat from Gopher Performance comes into play.

A great baseline for this test is your client/athlete should be able to at least jump the length of their body.

The mat rolls down onto any surface and doesn’t move during action making it super safe for your athletes to give their all-out effort on every jump. It’s also numbered in feet so no need for messy tape or tape measures, just lay it down and start testing.

If you have ever watched the NFL Combine the Long Jump is one of the most popular events. Byron Jones from the cowboys jumped an amazing 12’3 feet in 2015. The mat measures up to 15 feet in case you train super humans (haha). The BroadPro Jump Mat from Gopher Performance is a game changer for any Performance Facility.

Add the BroadPro Jump Mat to Your Weight Room!