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As schools and facilities are shutting down during this difficult time, we are inspired by all of the Strength and Conditioning Coaches and PE Teachers who are continuing to be a resource for students and athletes. Keeping students active and healthy, especially at this time, is incredibly important. To support you, we compiled our best resources to help you at this time. Thank you for your passion, commitment, and for being coaches and teachers. 
– All of us at Gopher Performance 

3 Things to Think About Before Re-Opening Your Facility

We are just over three months into what will be remembered historically as an unprecedented time for gym and fitness facility owners. For many owners and operators, it feels like a lifetime since government-mandated shutdown and shelter-in-place orders were issued, forcing businesses to shut their doors and navigate the dicey waters of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Tips on Transitioning Back to the Weight Room

With schools closed since March in Minnesota, weight rooms and athletic facilities have been closed as well. It’s been a long wait, and people are ready to return to training in a real weight room. I’m getting bombarded by questions from about our summer program, like when it’s going to start, and whether we are

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Predictions for Returning to High School Weight Rooms

Those of us old enough to remember the Jim Carey movie “The Truman Show” may recall this button, and the premise behind it. Carey starred in a real time reality show and didn’t know he was the star, but as the world watched on the public kept watching to see how it would all end.

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Staying Connected During the Shutdown Hi, Jeff Reinardy, Strength and Conditioning Coach here at Winona State University. Like many of you, this place is still empty. I mean, we're well over a month into this now. Hopefully there's an end in sight. There's starting to be some light at the end of the tunnel, but we still know it's

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3 Lessons Learned During a Crisis

It happened so swiftly I don’t think any of us were truly ready for the situation. In what seemed like a blink of an eye the coronavirus pandemic went from being something that we watched on the news to something more serious than we could have ever expected. As the cases began to pile up

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Band Movements Your Athletes Can Do At Home

Upper Body Band Movements [0:00] Hi, Jeff Reinardy, Strength and Conditioning coach and Winona State University. This, like many of you this has become our reality as this COVID-19 has continued to spread. The time that we're going to see other individuals in our facilities, the ability to get out of your own home

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COVID-19 Contingency Series Pt I: 6 Uncommon Training Ideas for Remote Athletes

Table of Contents Get Legitimate Equipment in the Hands of Your AthletesIncrease Your Athletes Speed, Agility, and Plyometric Training VolumeIncorporate Odd Objects that Athletes Can Commonly Find at HomeCreate Contests, Measure Everything, and Leverage Social Media in the ProcessProvide Structure to Your Athletes' DaysLead by Example, Share Your Remote Training with Your Athletes Everyone and

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Gopher Performance COVID-19 Contingency Plan For Strength Coaches

We're all missing our weight rooms, but we can't afford to operate as if we'll be in them anytime soon. In these uncertain times, it sometimes seems like all we can do as coaches is work reactively. We do the best we can to service our athletes at a distance – providing bodyweight training programs

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