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As schools and facilities are shutting down during this difficult time, we are inspired by all of the Strength and Conditioning Coaches and PE Teachers who are continuing to be a resource for students and athletes. Keeping students active and healthy, especially at this time, is incredibly important. To support you, we compiled our best resources to help you at this time. Thank you for your passion, commitment, and for being coaches and teachers. 
– All of us at Gopher Performance 

Your Facility Shut Down, Now What? [0:00]: Hi, Jeff Reinardy Winona State University. We're looking at an empty facility today. Ourselves, like many of you out there, are completely shut down in all aspects. For us, we won't be able to see our athletes for at least two to four weeks. The university systems themselves are going from complete shutdown

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Fast and Efficient Travel Workouts for Personal Training Clients

One of my favorite sayings is “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail”.  However, the key to surviving and thriving on a plan is adaptability.  Can your programming for clients be altered to accommodate the given equipment and time available? Here's how I developed travel workouts for my clients. As stated earlier “Adaptability of the Plan”

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