How to Program PE Remotely Using the TrainHeroic App

This fall has been a fall like no other for student, athletes, teachers, and coaches. COVID-19 has completely changed how schools operate, how classes are run, and how sports and athletics are facilitated. It has been a time of both struggle and resilience. All things considered, what we have been doing with our weight training classes at Farmington High School (MN) has worked

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Transitioning Athletes to Off-Season or Winter Sports The transition from fall to winter is upon us, but what does that mean for you? Here in the upper Midwest, it typically means you’re transitioning from football or volleyball to traditional winter sports like basketball or wrestling. However, we need to be prepared for two scenarios – athletes transitioning to a fall sport and those that are transitioning to an off-season. Keep reading for my ideas and suggestions for

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COVID and the Return to Training

The return to training and participating in high school athletics was welcomed by coaches, parents, and athletes this past summer. Several programs across the country opened their doors to eager students who were ready and willing to be around their peers and back into a training program. However, other programs, schools, and states have yet to resume in-person training and coaching.   After going through the

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With Fall Sports a GO, Here is How to Get Back in the Weightroom! Hey, Jeff Reinardy Winona State University strength and conditioning coach. Now here we are it's 2020 so this is to be expected but, we've been on again off again. Two weeks ago, we had no sports in the fall throughout the upper Midwest and now here we are right back again. As soon

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Max Strength Testing: The Case for A Multi-Rep Range

One of the debates that always seems to keep coming up in the strength & conditioning world is the use of max testing in the weight room. And within that debate, there are several sub-debates that follow:  Should athletes even max at all? Some coaches feel that there is no need because you can tell if progress is

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The Art of Normalizing: New Normal vs. Next Normal

Earlier this summer I enrolled in an online leadership program led by Jeremy Boone, performance coach, speaker, best-selling author, researcher, and consultant. Jeremy is the founder of LeaderKit. This online leadership group has taught me a lot and I am applying to not only my professional, but personal life as well. One module really hit home for me on both

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Getting Back to Basics Hey, Jeff Reinardy here, Winona State University and today we're going to talk about, you know, getting back to basics. We're finally back at school, or we're getting there very shortly for most of us. Now, some of it's going to be hybrid some of it's going to be online but I know that

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No Spotter, No Problem Hi, Jeff Reinardy, strength and conditioning coach at Winona State University. Again, we're in month four now of COVID. So, you're going to see a lot of face masks right now. When we have people in the weight rooms that we're supervising face masks are a must. You must constantly have that in mind.

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How Summer Athletic Training Could Save Our School Year

I texted my buddy the other day and told him how excited I was to have had the opportunity to coach a group of high school kids in the weight room the other day. His reply was “Happy New Year!” That response stemmed from a conversation we had in which I referred to the start

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Renewing Your Strength Program During COVID-19

[0:01] Hey, Jeff Reinardy here with Winona State University and we're still in the middle of COVID. It is the middle of June—the beauty of this is that things are starting to finally loosen up a little bit. We're starting to get some athletes around, and private locations are able to start training some folks

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