Band Movements Your Athletes Can Do At Home

Upper Body Band Movements [0:00] Hi, Jeff Reinardy, Strength and Conditioning coach and Winona State University. This, like many of you this has become our reality as this COVID-19 has continued to spread. The time that we're going to see other individuals in our facilities, the ability to get out of your own home

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COVID-19 Contingency Series Pt I: 6 Uncommon Training Ideas for Remote Athletes

Table of Contents Get Legitimate Equipment in the Hands of Your AthletesIncrease Your Athletes Speed, Agility, and Plyometric Training VolumeIncorporate Odd Objects that Athletes Can Commonly Find at HomeCreate Contests, Measure Everything, and Leverage Social Media in the ProcessProvide Structure to Your Athletes' DaysLead by Example, Share Your Remote Training with Your Athletes Everyone and

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Gopher Performance COVID-19 Contingency Plan For Strength Coaches

We're all missing our weight rooms, but we can't afford to operate as if we'll be in them anytime soon. In these uncertain times, it sometimes seems like all we can do as coaches is work reactively. We do the best we can to service our athletes at a distance – providing bodyweight training programs

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Correct Positioning in Tall Athletes With This Tool

Have you ever tried training a Giraffe? It’s different, not like training other animals like tigers or lions. The long legs make for some interesting adjustments to angles and reaches. In our weight room I lovingly refer to many of our basketball and volleyball players as giraffes. Their long arms and legs are a factor

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The Death of Sweaty Weight Vests

Designed for Coaches in Mind If you've ever used weight vests in your program, you might be familiar with the pain they come with. ReadyArmor Weight Vests aren't your run-of-the-mill, sweat-soaked, poorly-fitting vests made for distance running. They are loaded with coach-friendly features and are uniquely designed to provide form-fitting, wearable resistance for improving athletic

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How to Add Landmine Variations to Your Program

The landmine pertains to an angled barbell movement where one end of the barbell is on the ground and the opposite end is held by the lifter. Because the barbell sits on the ground, either stuck in a corner or a landmine slot, it creates a wide range of motion that can use utilized for

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The Best Way to Fix Inner Elbow Pain

Any athlete that trains hard for their sport may encounter some inner elbow pain at some point. The most common advice is to just stop lifting. But if you want to be a competitive athlete, you can’t afford to not keep up your strength and conditioning. It’s what gives you an edge. If you are

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How to Identify Imbalances in Swimmers that May Lead to Shoulder Pain

Are you training swimmers? If so, here are the top three things you need to know to train them safely and avoid imbalances that cause swimmer's shoulder. Swimmers are at risk for developing shoulder pain.Swimmers are at risk for developing upper crossed syndrome also known as “swimmer’s posture”. There is a high correlation between swimmer’s

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