How to Identify Imbalances in Swimmers that May Lead to Shoulder Pain

Are you training swimmers? If so, here are the top three things you need to know to train them safely and avoid imbalances that cause swimmer's shoulder. Swimmers are at risk for developing shoulder pain.Swimmers are at risk for developing upper crossed syndrome also known as “swimmer’s posture”. There is a high correlation between swimmer’s

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3 Ways to Train Shoulders Safely

Shoulder health often dominates a program or is completely neglected. But if shoulder health is considered during developmental ages, it can save athletes in the long run. When done correctly, rotator cuff exercises won’t dominate your workout, but supplement it as needed. Here are three general rules to help ensure athletes’ shoulders are healthy from

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Superset and Circuit Mistakes You Might be Making Part 2

As stated in my previous article on supersetting mistakes, supersets create better results in less time than performing conventional sets with periods of rest in between. Since supersetting is both an art and a science, it’s easy to mismatch exercises when designing the workout. It’s important to avoid these mismatches when performing circuits as well,

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Top 6 Landmine Exercises for High School Athletes Landmine exercises are a fantastic option for high school programs, and one that we use on a regular basis. For those who may not be familiar with these exercises, they use a barbell with one end resting on the ground with the athlete lifting and moving the other end. Why are they so great?

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Training and Testing Beginner Athletes

This past summer our tennis coach had a major revelation that his team lacked sufficient strength. To remedy this, he signed up some of his summer tennis camp kids for our summer strength program. We were about halfway through our summer training program when we welcomed the tennis players into the fold. There were a

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