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28 Jun 2018

High School Weight Room Scheduling and Workouts For Efficiency

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When most high school strength & conditioning coaches start out in the field, their goal is to establish a sound program within their school and one where all teams are involved.  When starting from scratch or starting a new program, most begin with a few sports and then build from there as the program grows.  [...]

4 May 2018

6 Steps for Weight Room Management: Get in, Get Strong, and Get out

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Designing group workouts in a facility that caters to personal training, members, and group training takes some careful pre-planning and thought.  The program needs to be structured to maximize work time and minimize rest time.  This also needs to be done in a way to keep equipment available for members and personal training clients, but [...]

27 Jun 2017

Turf in the Weight Room: How It Can Benefit Your Program

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Adding Turf in the Weight Room, From Start To Finish Here is Pt. II of our video series with Wayzata HS Head Strength Coach Ryan Johnson. In our first video here, we covered their new weight room and the how and why behind it's design and function. Today, we're digging deeper into The Wayzata Strength [...]

20 Jun 2017

How to Build a Positive Team Culture

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Building a positive team culture provides a foundation of integrity, loyalty, and work ethic that can permeate throughout a program. Ever been on a team consumed with negativity, poor leadership and conflict? That kind of environment can be very frustrating.  Considering no matter how hard the athletes train, poor team culture seems to continuously interfere with consistency and performance. [...]

13 Jun 2017

Managing Large Workout Groups In A Less-Than-Large Weight Room

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One of the biggest challenges that high school strength coaches have to deal with is working with large groups of students and athletes.  Trying to figure out the best way for a large group to get in an effective workout in a weight room is tough for most of us.  Almost all high school strength [...]

31 May 2017

Weight Room Design: Perennial Athletic Powerhouse Wayzata High School

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Wayzata High School debuts their new and improved weight room, which now offers more open space, and updated equipment. This welcoming, and spacious floor plan draws athletes in by offering more personalized training sessions with Coach Ryan Johnson. With this new layout, the equipment is now strategically placed around the room, freeing space and providing [...]