Correct Positioning in Tall Athletes With This Tool

Have you ever tried training a Giraffe? It’s different, not like training other animals like tigers or lions. The long legs make for some interesting adjustments to angles and reaches. In our weight room I lovingly refer to many of our basketball and volleyball players as giraffes. Their long arms and legs are a factor

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The Death of Sweaty Weight Vests

Designed for Coaches in Mind If you've ever used weight vests in your program, you might be familiar with the pain they come with. ReadyArmor Weight Vests aren't your run-of-the-mill, sweat-soaked, poorly-fitting vests made for distance running. They are loaded with coach-friendly features and are uniquely designed to provide form-fitting, wearable resistance for improving athletic

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How to Add Landmine Variations to Your Program

The landmine pertains to an angled barbell movement where one end of the barbell is on the ground and the opposite end is held by the lifter. Because the barbell sits on the ground, either stuck in a corner or a landmine slot, it creates a wide range of motion that can use utilized for

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The Best Way to Fix Inner Elbow Pain

Any athlete that trains hard for their sport may encounter some inner elbow pain at some point. The most common advice is to just stop lifting. But if you want to be a competitive athlete, you can’t afford to not keep up your strength and conditioning. It’s what gives you an edge. If you are

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5 Lifts Made Tougher with the Axle Bar (and Why You Should Be Doing Them)

The Gopher Performance Axle Bar is like a regular barbell, but with one huge difference—at 2” dia, it’s almost twice as thick as a standard barbell. That difference dramatically changes how you grip the bar, making it significantly more difficult. So, if you are looking to add some grip-strength training into your workouts, the axle

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VariRoll Glute and Ab Roller Review

I am a big fan of all types of core/ab movements, so when I got my hands on the VariRoll Glute/Ab Roller from Gopher Performance I was excited to put it to the test. I will be talking about my review on this high-quality product and show you a few exercises that include the VariRoll.

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Superset and Circuit Mistakes You Might be Making Part 2

As stated in my previous article on supersetting mistakes, supersets create better results in less time than performing conventional sets with periods of rest in between. Since supersetting is both an art and a science, it’s easy to mismatch exercises when designing the workout. It’s important to avoid these mismatches when performing circuits as well,

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How to Coach the Romanian Deadlift

The Romanian deadlift, often referred to as the RDL, is a staple lift that you will find in many strength and conditioning programs. It is one of the main exercises used to develop and strengthen the posterior chain. The posterior chain muscles that are worked during the RDL are the erector spinae (lower back), glutes,

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Training and Testing Beginner Athletes

This past summer our tennis coach had a major revelation that his team lacked sufficient strength. To remedy this, he signed up some of his summer tennis camp kids for our summer strength program. We were about halfway through our summer training program when we welcomed the tennis players into the fold. There were a

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Squatober for Athletes

October is here and that means Squatober is in full swing. Should your athletes join the party? The squat is without a doubt one of the most valuable exercises you can include in your athletes’ program. It has even been called the “king” of lower body movements due to its massive contributions to strength and

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