3 Tools for Outdoor Training Hey guys, it's Mike Piercy here from The Lab Performance and Sports Science here in Fairfield, New Jersey. I am coming to you with this month's Gopher Performance blog. This month what I want to talk about is outdoor training. Dealing with COVID and the difference pandemic issues wherever you are it might necessitate

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A Pandemic Silver Lining – A True Off-Season Hey, Jeff Reinardy here, head strength and conditioning coach at Winona State University. Look, we're still in the midst of this pandemic, and it's been long and it's been kind of a trudge, but it's time to see a little bit of silver lining. The silver lining is this - for many of us,

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The Only Squat Box Deserving Real Estate in Your Weight Room

The Gopher Combo Box The first squat box of its kind offers unrivaled versatility and durability. Perform maximal box squats, hip thrusts, step-ups, split squats, and a variety of accessory exercises with one universal solution. Built to Last This box will stand up to your toughest athletes and then some. Boasting uncompromising durability, it can

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Getting Back to Basics Hey, Jeff Reinardy here, Winona State University and today we're going to talk about, you know, getting back to basics. We're finally back at school, or we're getting there very shortly for most of us. Now, some of it's going to be hybrid some of it's going to be online but I know that

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Unilateral vs Bilateral Squats: Which Should You Program?

One of the biggest online debates within the strength and conditioning community is the bilateral squats versus unilateral squats. Some coaches believe that performing traditional squats while standing on two feet (bilateral) is without a doubt the best way to squat. Other coaches counter that single-leg squatting movements reign supreme, citing that they are more

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3 Ways to Train for the New Fitness Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic will be remembered as an event that changed and shuttered many industries. As we navigate murky waters, the performance industry will be faced with many challenges as it transitions into our new normal. As we learn more about the virus daily, we are forced to make more adjustments than ever to the

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Band Movements Your Athletes Can Do At Home

Upper Body Band Movements [0:00] Hi, Jeff Reinardy, Strength and Conditioning coach and Winona State University. This, like many of you this has become our reality as this COVID-19 has continued to spread. The time that we're going to see other individuals in our facilities, the ability to get out of your own home

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Your Facility Shut Down, Now What? [0:00]: Hi, Jeff Reinardy Winona State University. We're looking at an empty facility today. Ourselves, like many of you out there, are completely shut down in all aspects. For us, we won't be able to see our athletes for at least two to four weeks. The university systems themselves are going from complete shutdown

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5 Resistance Band Exercises to Add to Your Program

[00:01]: Hi, Jeff Reinardy, Winona State University Strength Conditioning coach. Today we're going to talk about resistance bands. I'm here to tell you don't resist the band. A little bit of pun there. But it took me a while to kind of get on board with these things and I know they've been around a

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