Blog Series: Intangible Skills All Super Athletes Have (Part 3)

As March wanes and April rounds the corner, athletes gear up for summer sports all over the country. If your off-season it’s a great time for young athletes to focus on improvement during their spring training programs. In the final part in this series, we will focus on four final intangible skills that every athlete needs to be the best version of themselves. Coach your athletes to master these, and you will help them to become more well-rounded athletes in the long run.Here are the final four intangible skills that super athletes have in spades:

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The Why Behind Functional Training

It is important for trainers and coaches to introduce new and effective training strategies not only to keep athletes and clients interested and engaged but to vary the stimulus and achieve desired results. But for a new piece of equipment to be worthy of implementation, it must be versatile, functional, durable, and effective—Gopher Resolute Weight

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6 Fitness Slider Exercises Every Athlete Needs

If I could give just one tool that develops strength, movement control, stability, and flexibility all at the same time, it would be fitness sliders! Why Do I Like Fitness Sliders So Much? Fitness sliders are extremely portable and you can take travel with them.  They can even fit in a laptop bag.Fitness sliders require

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Top 5 Indoor Sled Drills for High School Athletes

Running and sprinting against resistance is one of the best ways athletes can complement their speed training, increase ground force production, and focus on speed and running. One of the best ways to incorporate resistance running into workouts is sled pulls. There’s just one problem: Those of us who live in a cold clime are

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Blog Series: Intangible Skills All Super Athletes Have (Part 2)

*View part 1 of this blog series (skills 1 - 4). With the excitement of football playoffs upon us, this is a great time to divulge another set of secret skills all super athletes have. One of my favorite times of the year we are treated to superhuman feats of athleticism and get to play

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How to Increase Power with this Hybrid Olympic Lift

The clean-grip snatch is a variation of the Olympic snatch movement that helps to increase power output. As the name implies, the clean-grip snatch is a snatch performed with a narrow grip (about the width of the grip the athlete uses for their clean in most cases). With a narrower grip, the bar will contact

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The Secret Trick to a Better Back Squat

If your athlete walks in looking like they’ve been riding an ostrich, they will be in big trouble when they squat. These athletes have poor levers for squatting. In order to get deep, they will have to lean a great deal. The lift will look more like a deadlift than a squat. The best levers

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How to Address Limited Space in the Weight Room

Vertical Bar Rack Weight rooms are often overwhelmed with space issues. They can be filled with bulky equipment and dozens of athletes amid off-season, pre-season, and in-season training. Depending on your athletic program’s size, anywhere from 30 to 300 athletes could be jostled through your weight room per hour. With so much commotion going on

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Building Power with Band-Resisted Broad Jump

When you think of power development you often think of movements such as the clean and snatch. These are fantastic movements that will increase your power, but if your athlete(s) are not at the developmental level to perform those movements or you are looking for some variations that will produce results, then a band-resisted broad jump may just fit the need.

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