Blog Series: Intangible Skills All Super Athletes Have (Part 2)

*View part 1 of this blog series (skills 1 - 4). With the excitement of football playoffs upon us, this is a great time to divulge another set of secret skills all super athletes have. One of my favorite times of the year we are treated to superhuman feats of athleticism and get to play

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How to Increase Power with this Hybrid Olympic Lift

The clean-grip snatch is a variation of the Olympic snatch movement that helps to increase power output. As the name implies, the clean-grip snatch is a snatch performed with a narrow grip (about the width of the grip the athlete uses for their clean in most cases). With a narrower grip, the bar will contact

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The Secret Trick to a Better Back Squat

If your athlete walks in looking like they’ve been riding an ostrich, they will be in big trouble when they squat. These athletes have poor levers for squatting. In order to get deep, they will have to lean a great deal. The lift will look more like a deadlift than a squat. The best levers

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How to Address Limited Space in the Weight Room

Vertical Bar Rack Weight rooms are often overwhelmed with space issues. They can be filled with bulky equipment and dozens of athletes amid off-season, pre-season, and in-season training. Depending on your athletic program’s size, anywhere from 30 to 300 athletes could be jostled through your weight room per hour. With so much commotion going on

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Building Power with Band-Resisted Broad Jump

When you think of power development you often think of movements such as the clean and snatch. These are fantastic movements that will increase your power, but if your athlete(s) are not at the developmental level to perform those movements or you are looking for some variations that will produce results, then a band-resisted broad jump may just fit the need.

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The Three Most Underrated Pieces of Fitness Equipment

1. Hex Deadlift Bars First and foremost, I like the bars to teach a proper stance while pulling from the floor. The neutral grip assists the athletes in establishing a proper flat back posture. The coaching cues of chest over knees and knees over toes is really easy to establish. Hex (Trap) bars also allow

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Prevent Hamstring Injuries with Glute-ham Raises (GHR)

Gopher Performance's GlutePro Floor GHD offers all the function of a full-sized GHD in a more economical solution! In many athletic settings one of the most common injuries is the hamstring pull.  There are several reasons for this. The forces produced by the acceleration and deceleration can strain or damage one of the

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Getting Your Students to Buy Into Weight Lifting

This past spring I had the opportunity to attend a clinic that had Jimmy Radcliffe from Oregon give the keynote address. I have followed Coach Radcliffe for years and greatly admire his philosophies. His presentation focused on the Golden Circle concept from Simon Sinek’s book Start with Why. His concept offers a great strategy to

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Developing Children Into Well-Rounded Athletes: A Look Into LTAD

As performance coaches we spend a good portion of our time looking to put our youth athletes in the best situations to have success in their athletic endeavors. With more access to information than at any time before in our society. The rush to over-specialization has been rampant in youth sports. Topics like the 10,000-hour

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Tips For a Successful Weight Room Design

As you begin to look at the process of either a new facility or replacing your current equipment, there are a few questions that are important to begin with.  These will assist you in the direction that you may want to go.

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