21 Jun 2018

A Complete Nutrition Guide for High School Athletes

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I’ve been a strength and conditioning coach for 20 years.  I have seen a lot of trends, methods, etc. and have fielded thousands of questions from parents and athletes.  I would have to honestly say the majority of questions center around nutrition and supplements.  People want to get bigger and stronger, now obviously this happens [...]

19 Jun 2018

Maximize Athletic Performance During Competition with the Right Nutrition

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Nutrition is always a hot button issue when it relates to athletes and overall performance. What an athlete eats or drinks before, after, and during a competition can have a great effect on the scope of their performance. With the modern athlete realizing the extreme importance in recovery, post-competition fueling is of extreme importance in [...]

12 Jun 2018

How Much Protein Should I Eat? An Athlete’s Guide to Calculating Protein Intake

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Athletes going through our “Accelerated Performance Nutrition (APN)” coaching system and also on our 4-day “strength and mass” protocol can gain up to 1 pound of lean body mass per week. Below are a few examples of client stats.  The first client trained 4 days per week and did 15 weeks of “Accelerated Performance Nutrition”.  [...]

18 May 2018

Optimizing Team Workouts for Effectiveness and Efficiency [Video]

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When it comes to optimization of your team workouts, organization is key. In this blog, I will cover a few areas you can address in effective and efficient workouts to accommodate large numbers of athletes in your weight room. Facility Setup and Layout The first component is to look at the setup of your facility [...]