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The Best Way to Fix Inner Elbow Pain

Any athlete that trains hard for their sport may encounter some inner elbow pain at some point. The most common advice is to just stop lifting. But if you want to be a competitive athlete, you can’t afford to not keep up your strength and conditioning. It’s what gives you an edge. If you are

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6 Tips to Pain-Free Bench Pressing

Having worked with NFL offensive and defensive lineman, I can tell you, often they have some shoulder pain when bench pressing. Many of these guys have had shoulder surgery and rehab. They are cleared to bench press, but typically still have some pain when performing any press pattern.  All of these guys still want to bench, and

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How to Prevent Injuries with 3 Essential Hamstring Assessments

Since an injured athlete cannot compete or even practice, injury reduction is the most important benefit of a well designed and executed strength program. Sprinting has a high incidence of hamstring strains, even with elite sprinters. Both Usain Bolt and Andre De Grasse have sustained hamstring strains in world competition. But, athletes are not helpless

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8 Types of Yoga For Athletes

The Benefits of Yoga for Athletes The health benefits from regular yoga practice cover a broad spectrum, ranging from flexibility to strength.  For athletes, yoga can benefit them tremendously in terms recovery and from a restorative point of view.  There are many different types or styles of yoga practice. For those just starting out, it

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Enhancing Recovery After Workouts with Body Tempering and Buffering

Improving Muscular Recovery with Body Tempering and Buffering There has been a significant increase different implements and massage to speed the recovery of athletes post workout. Two methods that are gaining popularity which we use on our athletes are buffering massage and body tempering. These methods have become an integral part of our program because

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Preventing and Testing Knee Pain: The Modified Thomas Test

There’s a saying in the sports performance industry “If you’re not assessing, your guessing”. At Higher Power Training (HPT), when we first start with an athlete, we spend 75 to 90 minutes performing our “Comprehensive Athletic Performance Assessment (CAPA)”. Within the CAPA we perform muscle balance screens to identify any underlying imbalances that are either currently contributing

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