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How to Identify Imbalances in Swimmers that May Lead to Shoulder Pain

Are you training swimmers? If so, here are the top three things you need to know to train them safely and avoid imbalances that cause swimmer's shoulder. Swimmers are at risk for developing shoulder pain.Swimmers are at risk for developing upper crossed syndrome also known as “swimmer’s posture”. There is a high correlation between swimmer’s

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3 Moves From PE Class That Develop Athleticism

In previous blogs we have discussed our belief in Long Term Athletic Development, with this belief in mind we look to develop athleticism in stages. This approach allows us to move away from early specialization and put our young athletes in the best position for success. Instead we look to help young athletes’ athleticism in

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Accelerate Your Upper Body Power with the Tsunami Bar

It’s often said that there is nothing new under the sun with strength training, and it’s mostly true. It’s not often that a new training concept or implement comes around. But the Tsunami Bar is an exciting piece of equipment that breaks that status quo. This revolutionary bar can add a new element to your

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