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3 Tools to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Summer Training Program

Summer training is one of the most crucial times for an athlete, and one of the busiest times for a strength and conditioning coach. Here are 3 tools to get the most out of your program this summer!  Push/Pull Sleds  Push/pull weight sleds are ideal for general conditioning, sprint and speed training, and posterior chain development. For general conditioning, users perform sets

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6 Hands and Feet Ladder Challenges

Agility ladders can be used in a variety of ways from agility work to strengthening muscles and joints. In this blog you will learn about six hands and feet challenges using agility ladders. 1. In-In-Out-Out-In-In with Hands and Feet Objective: To Move through a ladder with hands going in-in-out-out-in-in. Fundamental Movement Skills: Non-LocomotorPush-up Equipment

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6 Agility Ladder Challenges

Adding agility ladders to your fitness program can help improve athletes' quickness, coordination, and muscle activation. Here are six agility ladder challenges to add to your program. 1. Boxing Shuffle Objective: Two-foot jump inside the first rung, then outside, then into the second rung. Fundamental Movement Skills: LocomotorJump Equipment List: Agility Ladder Setting Up:

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Transitioning Athletes to Off-Season or Winter Sports The transition from fall to winter is upon us, but what does that mean for you? Here in the upper Midwest, it typically means you’re transitioning from football or volleyball to traditional winter sports like basketball or wrestling. However, we need to be prepared for two scenarios – athletes transitioning to a fall sport and those that are transitioning to an off-season. Keep reading for my ideas and suggestions for

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With Fall Sports a GO, Here is How to Get Back in the Weightroom! Hey, Jeff Reinardy Winona State University strength and conditioning coach. Now here we are it's 2020 so this is to be expected but, we've been on again off again. Two weeks ago, we had no sports in the fall throughout the upper Midwest and now here we are right back again. As soon

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The Art of Normalizing: New Normal vs. Next Normal

Earlier this summer I enrolled in an online leadership program led by Jeremy Boone, performance coach, speaker, best-selling author, researcher, and consultant. Jeremy is the founder of LeaderKit. This online leadership group has taught me a lot and I am applying to not only my professional, but personal life as well. One module really hit home for me on both

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Contralateral Circuit Training

The contralateral circuit can be used during the first aerobic block to develop an effective aerobic base to build upon later. The aerobic block is an overlooked and neglected component to any program. While lifting heavy all the time may be fun and flashy, it is not beneficial for the athlete if they are only

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Utilizing a Repetition Range Strength Program

Using a repetition range training system for high school athletes is a great way to increase strength performance. In addition, it establishes the proper training mindset. Through systematic goal-setting and periodization of workouts, athletes can focus their workouts on effort. But it isn’t just about max effort—it is about the work that goes into the

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How to Increase Power with Complex Training

“How can I increase my vertical?” I get this question all the time, typically at the beginning of class when all our physical education students are assembling in the gym prior to taking attendance. It’s usually the freshman boys, as they all take turns trying to jump up and touch a basketball rim. There are

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