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3 Tools for Outdoor Training Hey guys, it's Mike Piercy here from The Lab Performance and Sports Science here in Fairfield, New Jersey. I am coming to you with this month's Gopher Performance blog. This month what I want to talk about is outdoor training. Dealing with COVID and the difference pandemic issues wherever you are it might necessitate

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Max Strength Testing: The Case for A Multi-Rep Range

One of the debates that always seems to keep coming up in the strength & conditioning world is the use of max testing in the weight room. And within that debate, there are several sub-debates that follow:  Should athletes even max at all? Some coaches feel that there is no need because you can tell if progress is

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The Only Squat Box Deserving Real Estate in Your Weight Room

The Gopher Combo Box The first squat box of its kind offers unrivaled versatility and durability. Perform maximal box squats, hip thrusts, step-ups, split squats, and a variety of accessory exercises with one universal solution. Built to Last This box will stand up to your toughest athletes and then some. Boasting uncompromising durability, it can

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Safety Squat Bar: From Specialty Bar, to Weight Room Staple

Safety squat bars have evolved from that odd bar used by hardcore powerlifters to a must-have weapon in the contemporary strength coaches' arsenal. Athletes from high school to professional levels will benefit from the unique exercises and novel stimulus that can be achieved with their use. Performance Meets Durability Say goodbye to vinyl-covered foam pads

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No Spotter, No Problem Hi, Jeff Reinardy, strength and conditioning coach at Winona State University. Again, we're in month four now of COVID. So, you're going to see a lot of face masks right now. When we have people in the weight rooms that we're supervising face masks are a must. You must constantly have that in mind.

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Stuck Outside? Get Your Weight Room Back With One Unique Tool

Coach Scott Meier at Farmington HS showcasing his athletes' hard work through adversity. With Coronavirus cases still on the rise in virtually every state, many coaches and facility owners are still bending over backwards trying to help their athletes improve while adhering to guidelines for physical distancing. While some facilities are fortunate enough to have larger

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Safely Lift Weights Anywhere with VariBlocks

The only foam pulling blocks on the market, the VariBlocks are the safest, quietest, and easiest way to perform colossal Olympic lifts in and out of the weight room. Protect your equipment and a variety of flooring types from the wear and tear of constant drops – all while improving your athletes’ performance. Seriously Effective

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Renewing Your Strength Program During COVID-19

[0:01] Hey, Jeff Reinardy here with Winona State University and we're still in the middle of COVID. It is the middle of June—the beauty of this is that things are starting to finally loosen up a little bit. We're starting to get some athletes around, and private locations are able to start training some folks

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Considerations When Looking to Reopen Your Weight Room

[0:01] Hey everybody, Jeff Reinardy, Winona State University Strength and Conditioning Coach. Hey, we're a couple of months into this pandemic at this point. And we're finally getting to that point where we're starting to see some of the restrictions ease in some of the states. Minnesota is getting close, as well as several others

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Take a Sledgehammer to Your Training Program

As a performance coach, I am always looking for one more way to help my athletes climb to the next level. With so many tools and techniques that can be utilized daily within strength programs, it can be easy to fall into the routine of following trends and fitness fads without thinking through the reasoning

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