The Only Squat Box Deserving Real Estate in Your Weight Room

The Gopher Combo Box The first squat box of its kind offers unrivaled versatility and durability. Perform maximal box squats, hip thrusts, step-ups, split squats, and a variety of accessory exercises with one universal solution. Built to Last This box will stand up to your toughest athletes and then some. Boasting uncompromising durability, it can

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Safety Squat Bar: From Specialty Bar, to Weight Room Staple

Safety squat bars have evolved from that odd bar used by hardcore powerlifters to a must-have weapon in the contemporary strength coaches' arsenal. Athletes from high school to professional levels will benefit from the unique exercises and novel stimulus that can be achieved with their use. Performance Meets Durability Say goodbye to vinyl-covered foam pads

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Stuck Outside? Get Your Weight Room Back With One Unique Tool

Coach Scott Meier at Farmington HS showcasing his athletes' hard work through adversity. With Coronavirus cases still on the rise in virtually every state, many coaches and facility owners are still bending over backwards trying to help their athletes improve while adhering to guidelines for physical distancing. While some facilities are fortunate enough to have larger

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Utilizing a Repetition Range Strength Program

Using a repetition range training system for high school athletes is a great way to increase strength performance. In addition, it establishes the proper training mindset. Through systematic goal-setting and periodization of workouts, athletes can focus their workouts on effort. But it isn’t just about max effort—it is about the work that goes into the

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Game-day Lifting and Why Your Athletes Should Be Doing It

Sport coaches, athletes, and parents often feel that athletes should avoid game-day lifting, for fear that they will be too tired to compete at a high level. We have found, however, that correct and consistent weight training on game day can help to improve performance.  History Avoiding lifting on the same day as a game

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Top 5 Lifts Every Athlete Should Master

Just like there are 5 tools that every carpenter should have (hammer, screwdriver, saw, pliers, and a tape measure), there are 5 key exercises you should have in your training tool box or workout plan. You can’t accomplish every project with these tools, but they will get the job done most of the time! Each of these

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Training for Power: A Closer Look at the Process.

Training for power is usually one of the main goals for any strength & conditioning program. But what does that really mean? In its simplest terms, power = force x velocity (or in other terms, strength x speed). Applied to strength and conditioning, power is the amount of force you can transfer to an object,

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4 Expert Tips to Develop Power in your High School Weight Room

There is only one way to sprint, and that is fast. Training for Power in the weight room follows that analogy. To develop power you have to train fast. This analogy is also about recovery. To train for speed, do fewer reps with full recovery between sets. The same goes for lifting. To train for

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3 Factors for Weight Room Time Management

Whether working with youth, college, and/or elite athletes, the subject of weight room time management for the strength coach or performance enhancement specialist can always be a sensitive topic. In a world where we are in a constant time crunch, the average athlete is no different. With a laundry list of items pulling at the

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