Optimizing Team Workouts for Effectiveness and Efficiency [Video]

When it comes to optimization of your team workouts, organization is key. In this blog, I will cover a few areas in effective and efficient workouts to accommodate large numbers of athletes in your weight room. Facility Setup and Layout The first component is to look at the setup of your facility. This is to

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Time Management in the Weight Room

My sophomore year in High School I took a careers test, like all of us have done.  I was rather confused when my results came back and indicated that I would make a great air traffic controller.  I thought that was about as far from what I wanted to do in life I quickly dismissed

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6 Steps for Weight Room Management: Get in, Get Strong, and Get out

Designing group workouts in a facility that caters to personal training, members, and group training takes some careful pre-planning and thought.  The program needs to be structured to maximize work time and minimize rest time.  This also needs to be done in a way to keep equipment available for members and personal training clients, but

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Box Squats for Developing Technique and Power

Aside from performing the box squat to reinforce good squatting technique, the exercise itself has restorative qualities. It allows an athlete to squat twice a week without causing over-training or overuse injuries because the exercise is performed with a sub-maximal load (50-75% of 1 repetition maximum). Another advantage the box squat provides is the athlete

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Building a Strong Squat Foundation for Athletes

The squat is one of the cornerstones of the Trojan Power Program. We teach movements rather than “lifts” in our facility, and the squat is one of the first movements we incorporate, making it essential that students have a solid squat foundation to build upon. Wall Squats To start, I suggest taking athletes to a

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Corrective Techniques to Build the Perfect Squat

The Back Squat and Its Relation to Sport Last year I wrote an article that stressed the importance of the back squat and how it related to sport.  For instance, virtually all sports, with the exception of water sports, cycling, and polo, are “ground-based,” meaning the athlete’s legs are in contact with the ground throughout

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Squatting 101 – Progressions, Benefits, and Myths [Video]

The squat has often been referred to as the “King” of movements in the weight room. To master the King you must, like most things, learn to crawl before you can walk, and then run. In the video below we go through several of the squat progressions that we feel are highly beneficial when you

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Clean Progressions for Large Groups

The Importance of Clean Progressions for Power Development For many schools, one of the staples of their strength program is the clean and it's variations. The clean emphasizes power development, by allowing athletes to produce a large amount of force in a very short period of time. Although it's universally accepted that the clean is

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Cone Drills for Improving Agility and Running Form [Video]

Top Cone Drills for Field Athletes  At Higher Power Training we place a high emphasis on running fundamentals early in our athletes' time with us. As a result, we love to utilize cone drills to teach them fundamental running based movement skills that take place in ground based athletics.  These include: Running forwardsRunning backwardsShuffling sidewaysRunning sideways Cone

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Olympic Bars: Anatomy and How to Compare

Understanding the differences between Olympic bars can be difficult considering the availability of bars on the market today. Even if it’s easy to understand what the bar is used for, it’s difficult to determine what the different specifications are saying about the bar’s quality and performance. For the purposes of this article we'll refer to

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