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8 Types of Yoga For Athletes

The Benefits of Yoga for Athletes The health benefits from regular yoga practice cover a broad spectrum, ranging from flexibility to strength.  For athletes, yoga can benefit them tremendously in terms recovery and from a restorative point of view.  There are many different types or styles of yoga practice. For those just starting out, it

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Football Conditioning Drills: Pattern Running Intervals by Position

Football Conditioning Drills Should Be Position Specific When thinking about conditioning football players, there needs to be an understanding of the specific demands of the sport.  The football conditioning drills used in your program should not only cater to the unique demands of the sport, but also the demands of each position.  A defensive lineman

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Football Weight Training Program for the Preseason

The Trifecta Program- the best football weight training program for preseason athletes I have been fortunate enough to train some of the NFL’s most elite players.  Some of the training we have done has been in preparation for training camp.  Most of our players tend to be lineman or players that weigh 250+.  Unfortunately, most

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Fast and Efficient Travel Workouts for Personal Training Clients

One of my favorite sayings is “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail”.  However, the key to surviving and thriving on a plan is adaptability.  Can your programming for clients be altered to accommodate the given equipment and time available? Here's how I developed travel workouts for my clients. As stated earlier “Adaptability of the Plan”

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