2 Nov 2017

Endurance Training for Athletes

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What You Don’t Know about Endurance Training will Kill You... Or at Least Your Performance You can be the best athlete in the world, but without endurance, you will not perform. Fatigue masks performance. It’s been said that “losers quit when they get tired, winners quit when they win”. So, you better get in shape [...]

12 Oct 2017

Clean Progressions for Large Groups

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The Importance of Clean Progressions for Power Development For many schools, one of the staples of their strength program is the clean and it's variations. The clean emphasizes power development, by allowing athletes to produce a large amount of force in a very short period of time. Although it's universally accepted that the clean is [...]

3 Oct 2017

Sports Conditioning with Metabolic Movements

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Conditioning for Sport with Time Constraints Coaches and athletes are always looking to get as much out of each workout as possible and time is of the essence when training.  Athletes are always on the go, and coaches always have another group to train.  Time is one thing that even the rich and famous cannot afford to [...]

28 Sep 2017

Deceleration Drills for Agility and Change of Direction

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When training to improve agility and change of direction, most people think about different on-field or on-court running and cutting drills, often utilizing different lines or cones for things like the 5-10-5 drill or the pro agility.  Cones set up in a square or different shape are often used with athletes performing specific running patterns [...]

19 Sep 2017

Agility Training with Clemson Basketball

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Many sports require athletes to quickly transition from one movement to another, often in response to a stimulus, such as a ball and/or opponent. Therefore, agility has two primary components: physical and cognitive (Gambetta, 2007). Gamble (2010) suggests that many of the most common tests used to measure agility, like the NFL's "L-Drill" or the NBA's [...]

14 Sep 2017

Cone Drills for Improving Agility and Running Form [Video]

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Top Cone Drills for Field Athletes  At Higher Power Training we place a high emphasis on running fundamentals early in our athletes' time with us. As a result, we love to utilize cone drills to teach them fundamental running based movement skills that take place in ground based athletics.  These include: Running forwards Running backwards [...]

11 Sep 2017

Agility and Change of Direction

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Agility and Change of Direction Agility helps performance in activities that require you to change direction quickly whilst keeping balance, strength, speed, and body control. When running, be mindful of the angle of your shoulders. Each arm should perfectly make a 90 degree angle, as form is a critical component. When you run, focus on [...]

8 Sep 2017

HexCel Bar Review – Guest Post

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We'd like to thank our friend Mario Guerra over at Fitness Test Lab for thoughtfully writing about our HexCel Bar!  He put our best hex bar to the test and wrote about his experience on his blog that helps folks maintain a high level of fitness on a busy schedule!  To learn more about Mario [...]

29 Aug 2017

Football Conditioning Drills: Pattern Running Intervals by Position

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Football Conditioning Drills Should Be Position Specific When thinking about conditioning football players, there needs to be an understanding of the specific demands of the sport.  The football conditioning drills used in your program should not only cater to the unique demands of the sport, but also the demands of each position.  A defensive lineman [...]

22 Aug 2017

High School Weight Training: A Unified Approach

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High School Weight Training: Early Failures and Lessons Learned When I got my first strength & conditioning job at the high school level, I had been working for several years as a personal trainer.  Prior to that, I got my first real experience in the field of strength & conditioning as an intern at the [...]