8 Sep 2017

HexCel Bar Review – Guest Post

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We'd like to thank our friend Mario Guerra over at Fitness Test Lab for thoughtfully writing about our HexCel Bar!  He put our best hex bar to the test and wrote about his experience on his blog that helps folks maintain a high level of fitness on a busy schedule!  To learn more about Mario [...]

29 Aug 2017

Football Conditioning Drills: Pattern Running Intervals by Position

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Football Conditioning Drills Should Be Position Specific When thinking about conditioning football players, there needs to be an understanding of the specific demands of the sport.  The football conditioning drills used in your program should not only cater to the unique demands of the sport, but also the demands of each position.  A defensive lineman [...]

22 Aug 2017

High School Weight Training: A Unified Approach

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High School Weight Training: Early Failures and Lessons Learned When I got my first strength & conditioning job at the high school level, I had been working for several years as a personal trainer.  Prior to that, I got my first real experience in the field of strength & conditioning as an intern at the [...]

17 Aug 2017

Football Weight Training Program for the Preseason

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The Trifecta Program- the best football weight training program for preseason athletes I have been fortunate enough to train some of the NFL’s most elite players.  Some of the training we have done has been in preparation for training camp.  Most of our players tend to be lineman or players that weigh 250+.  Unfortunately, most [...]

10 Aug 2017

Manual Resistance Training For Large Groups

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Manual Resistance Training Benefits As a strength coach for a sport team, there are a few things we're always short on: time, space, and equipment.  Over time I've found that one method of training has made it incredibly easy for us to add variety and intensity to our programs while combating these constraints: manual resistance [...]

2 Aug 2017

Olympic Bars: Anatomy and How to Compare

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Dissecting Olympic Bars Understanding the differences between Olympic bars can be difficult considering the availability of bars on the market today. Even if it’s easy to understand what the bar is used for, it’s difficult to determine what the different specifications are saying about the bar’s quality and performance.  For the purposes of this article [...]

27 Jul 2017

Speed Training Using Sprint Groups

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Managing large groups of athletes for speed training or strength training is part of being a high school coach. Our goal is to always provide each athlete with the training program they need to be successful. Yet at times facilitating that program in larger groups proves difficult.  At Wayzata High School, we use smaller "sprint [...]

18 Jul 2017

Resistance Sprints For Increasing Speed

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  Using Resisted Sprints to Increase Speed When it comes to speed development, there are all kinds of factors involved. Yet it really boils down to one primary thing - ground force production.  The athletes that can produce the greatest force against the ground while sprinting will be the fastest.  It’s as simple as that.  [...]

11 Jul 2017

3 Ways to Improve the 20 Yard Dash in Tall, Young Athletes

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There are 3 ways to improve the 20 yard dash in young athletes. Tall, young athletes usually suffer from 3 things. Short stride length. Weak gluteal strength. Improper body angle in the first 10 yards. One thing we work with every athlete is trying to get to the first 10 yards in few steps as [...]

6 Jul 2017

4 Warmup Exercises for the Posterior Chain

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In order to improve performance and avoid injury in our field athletes, it's essential to select appropriate warmup exercises for the posterior chain prior.  The posterior chain is the workhorse of all sporting activity. Comprised of the biceps femoris, gluteus maximus, erector spinae muscle group, etc. these muscles are the primary hip extensors and knee flexors responsible [...]